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Make yours a sports story with a prosperous ending…

Too many young people – especially sports athletes – neglect to get a handle on their finances at a time when it can make the greatest difference to what’s ahead. Off-Piste Wealth exists to both educate and empower people through educational workshops and bespoke financial advice.

Tennis Player

Research from the Professional Players Federation found that just over half of retired sportspeople reported financial difficulties in the five years after they stopped playing.”

Most sports people have only 10 – 15 years to convert temporary revenues into soundly based wealth which will help provide for themselves and their families for the rest of their lives and beyond.”

Goalkeeper and Businessman

Your future self will thank you for this

If youre reading this, the chances are, youre a young person who likes to stay in shape. The sort of person who — years from now — may well seem younger than you are. Why? Because you looked after yourself.

Its great that youre mindful of your health. Now imagine the impact itd have on your life if you also took similar care of your wealth. With the right support, you can make sure youre in great shape in that way too.

To create the lives that we really want, theres a literacy that we all need… and its not one thats taught in our schools. Financial literacy is something Im passionate about and that I look to give to every single one of my clients.”

David Gregory, Founder

Is there a particular group of young people whose future wellbeing you care about?

If youre keen to support the (financial) wellbeing of a particular group of young people – perhaps as the Head of a Sports Club or a CEO, or maybe as a sports agent or solicitor – then Off-Piste Wealth is here to enable you to do just that.

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Martial Arts

Understanding your money mindset

Its the factor that makes the greatest difference to your financial wellbeing: your money mindset. What you believe about money, yourself and the world shapes how your life will unfold. Every day you have the power to change that mindset, and to make decisions that can either set you back or move you forward financially. 

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Three steps to creating the life you want

Making the time to get clear about what matters most to you lies at the very heart of our service at Off-Piste Wealth. That’s why we make a point of wearing three separate hats: Life Planner, Financial Planner and Financial Adviser. (See the short video below for more details.) This in turn enables you to do three things:

1: Envisage

  See your life aspirations, and create a clear picture of where you want your life to be heading. 

2: Understand

  Understand your money mindset and financial health, so you’re in a strong position to change both for the better.

3: Create

  Realise your goals by making informed decisions and selecting the options to best serve you now and in the future.

Freddie Macdonald

I've been using Off Piste Wealth for some time and couldn’t recommend them more.
David provides a very professional service, not only is he personable and actively listens but he’s also friendly in his style. He has a modern approach around wealth management and gets different people’s stance and views around money.

Aaron hayle

David really helped with my finances regarding business. After a few years in self-employment, I needed help setting up a pension and felt supported through the whole process and feel confident knowing it’s the right option for me and how it all works. I now have a plan to secure my financial future moving forward and that security gives me freedom and clarity in my business to pursue growth at every opportunity. Would highly recommend David!

Jose Luis Ucar La Salvia

Every time I speak to David I receive incredible advice regarding my finances. He is very professional, dedicated and passionate about his business and supporting others to make money and secure their future. Highly recommend his services.

Benazir Chatur

David takes the time to get to know his clients and is always willing to spend that extra minute explaining financial jargon which can otherwise seem incredibly daunting.

Adam Watson

David really knows his stuff and is passionate about using this knowledge to help others. Whether you need help tidying up multiple pensions or devising complex investment strategies, I can strongly recommend that you get in touch with David.

Julian Jones

David was very helpful when sorting out my life insurance and IPI. Would 100% recommend.

Zoe Davis

David really helped me in planning for the future and explained everything clearly and in detail. He made me feel comfortable asking questions and nothing was too much trouble.

Carla Shohet

As a family with 3 young kids, having your finances in order is absolutely key to feeling secure. David is extremely knowledgeable and a caring person who goes above and beyond with his advice to tailor it to your specific situation. Thank you David for sorting us out! Now we can sleep easy…

Natalie Payne

I cannot recommend David Gregory enough. He is incredibly responsive, personable and knowledgeable. He takes the time to understand your goals and implements a tailor made plan. I never hesitate to recommend David. He is a real asset to Off Piste Wealth and the industry as a whole.

Sarah France

Off Piste have been nothing but fantastic at managing my investments. David is so knowledgeable so I felt at ease that I was being looked after by a real expert! So pleased I chose Off Piste, and have recommended to a few friends already.

Luke Davis

David at Off Piste Wealth always offers professional service, will always spend the time needed to advise how to turn the plan into action.

Oliver Sayers

I worked closely with David from Off Piste Wealth and from the start I knew I was getting a personalised service based on the questioning, attention to detail and what my thresholds of risk were. Solid service by a solid professional.