know that you’re on route…

To somewhere good.

Take charge of your finances and with it your life…

If you’re asking yourself ‘Why Off-Piste Wealth?’, this is where we look to answer that. In two ways.

Firstly, by outlining why we came into being in the first place. To show young sports people how to stay in great financial shape… and also by bringing home the importance of ‘money mindset’.

And secondly? We help you to weigh up whether we’re the right source of financial advice and support for you. By inviting you to take a look at our partners, to meet our team or to book a discovery call.

Whatever your start point, our aim is to put you in charge of your finances, and with it, your life.

Changing the story for young sports people

Sadly, many sports people don’t realise the importance of making the most of their ‘golden years’ until it’s too late.  We believe it’s time to address that. And to educate and empower them at an early stage, that can have a major bearing on the future of them and their families.


The importance of a money mindset

Even when you know, and can see, what your best course of action is – nothing will change if you don’t believe it’s possible, or if you’re not motivated to make those changes. That’s why ‘Money Mindset’ is so vital…. and is the single factor that makes the greatest difference to your financial wellbeing.


Client Brochure

Our ultimate goal is to change your life for the better. To enable this, we offer the widest range of products and services from the whole of the market, giving you sound advice after assessing your needs.


A solution fuelled by two separate passions

The reason Off-Piste Wealth exists is because of the coming together of two separate passions: one for winter sports, one for financial education. Both shared by our founder, David Gregory.

David Gregory Mountains

David Gregory the sportsman

As well as snowboarding and playing ice-hockey at a semi-professional level, David is also passionate about heli-skiing. (Where, without a chairlift in sight, things are very much off-piste.)

David Gregory Off Piste Wealth

David Gregory the entrepreneur

That same freedom that David feels, whether on ice or on the slopes, is also something hes passionate about enabling all his clients to experience – by putting them in control of their finances, and therefore of their lives.