Some decisions matter.

So make them with your eyes open

It’s time to make financial choices you didn’t know you had

For you, or ‘for them’

Whether you’re a young sports person wanting to get a better handle on your finances… or someone who wants to help a particular group of young people do exactly that… Off-Piste Wealth is in existence to support you.

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Identifying what matters most to you

Your start point may well be something specific. As you look to get a better handle on your finances, you may be particularly interested in knowing more about:

  • Investment planning
  • How to minimise tax
  • Financial protection

Whatever advice we give you, it will always be underpinned by prior life planning’. And at Off-Piste Wealth, we take a holistic view of your finances – so every area is considered, so you’re better placed to achieve your goals. Now and later.

It’s always better to test the water before you decide

While many young people know how to stay in good shape physically, sadly all too many do not take the same care of their financial wellbeing. All too many wished theyd had basic financial literacymuch earlier in life… and had taken steps that could have made such a difference to their standard of living and way of life.

It’s with that in mind that I’ve created a series of workshops – either ‘ready-to-go’ or bespoke – to enable young people to see how they can change their money mindset, how to grow their wealth, and take much better care of their future selves. At Off-Piste Wealth we also offer Drop-in Financial surgeries, and initial Discovery calls.

Young Athlete and Business Woman

Your four choices

Whether you’re a sports club owner or a CEO – looking to support a particular group of young people – or are yourself a young sports person or professional, these four choices may be of interest.

The six-week ready-to-go programme

1. Introduction to having a healthy money mindset

2. How to save money on tax

3. The importance of financial protection

4. Where & how to start investing

5. How to make your money work harder for you

6. Introduction to your different investment options

A series of bespoke workshops

These can be tailored to match the specific needs of the particular group of sports men or women.  In addition to the topics covered in the ‘ready-to-go’ programme, topics could include:

• Money Mindset sessions (Values / Challenges / Beliefs / Language)
• Estate planning
• Investing for Children
• Investment psychology
• Behavioural Finance
• Ethical investing
• Growth versus Income

Drop-in financial surgery

Apart from the workshops, another on-site option we can provide is a regular drop-in financial surgery, where we answer questions and offer support on a 121 basis.

Learning more in a Discovery call

To learn more about how Off-Piste Wealth can be of support, get in touch for a Discovery call.  Whether youre a sports club owner or a CEO – looking to support a particular group of young people – or are yourself a young sports person or professional, I invite you to get in touch today