Don’t be  in the dark

about your money mindset.

It’s the factor that makes the greatest difference to your financial wellbeing

What you believe about money, yourself and the world shapes how your life will unfold. Every day you have the power to make decisions that can move you forward financially or set you back.

So – even when you know, and can see, what your best course of action is – nothing will change if you dont believe its possible, or if youre not motivated to make those changes.

Hence the importance of your Money Mindset.

The importance of financial literacy

While many young people know how to stay in good shape physically, sadly all too many do not take the same care of their financial wellbeing.

All too often, I hear from people who wished theyd had basic financial literacymuch earlier in life… and had taken steps that could have made such a difference to their standard of living and way of life.

Im passionate about enabling young people to change their money mindset, to see how to grow their wealth, and so take better care of their future selves.”

David Gregory, founder, Off-Piste Wealth

Three steps to creating the life you want

Making time to get clear about what matters most to you lies at the very heart of our service at Off-Piste Wealth. That’s why we make a point of wearing three separate hats: Life Planner, Financial Planner and Financial Adviser.  This in turn enables you to do three things:

Looking ahead Off-Piste Wealth

1: Envisage

  See your life aspirations, and create a clear picture of where you want your life to be heading. 

Pathway Off-Piste Wealth

2: Understand

  Understand your money mindset and financial health, so you’re in a strong position to change both for the better.

Realise goals Off-Piste Wealth

3: Create

  Realise your goals by making informed decisions and selecting the options to best serve you now and in the future.

Experiencing a new money mindset

GillianTitle, occupatio

I have known David for years and he helped me with my pension questions even when I was not his client. He also helped me to understand pensions in plain English as I really do struggle to understand it all. Because of this, both me and my partner have moved our existing pensions to Off Piste and another bonus is our money is making much higher returns. The process was made very simple and David made sure he understood both our levels of risk so our funds are now invested in the right place. Highly recommended.­

Natalie Davis

David was brilliant from start to finish. He was able to talk to me in a way that made it very simple to understand. I have seen a lot of growth this year already and look forward to working with him in years to come. I had the specific issue of wanting to invest inheritance for income and I was able to do so in a way that enabled me to start my own business which has always been a dream for me! I couldn’t recommend him enough!!!!

Hannah Mount

David goes the extra mile to make sure you understand all of the processes taking place and no question is too small nor trivial. He is a great person to work with and I can't recommend his services enough!

David Pontin

Off Piste has put intelligence and a strategy behind my finances. Prior to working with them, I was not being tax efficient, and did not have an appropriate structure of my investments. Having worked with Off Piste we have jointly constructed a plan, and this was done so over a number of sessions in which they deployed a no pressure and professional approach, to explore the options that worked best for me. I would highly recommend Off Piste Wealth.

Gideon Golstein

Before I met David I had no idea what the state of my overall financial health was. My outgoings were not clear to me and I felt like each month I was struggling to keep afloat. David has been instrumental in helping my organise my finances in such a way that I now feel comfortable. We've now managed to put an investment plan in place to help me afford my dream property in a few years time. If you feel like you're stuck or just want some general guidance — go talk to him!

Neil Horne

David has been a god-send when it comes to managing my investments for me. Always there to give me practical advice, has helped educate me on how to best invest my money and most importantly always provides me with transparency with everything that he does. I highly recommend David at Off-Piste Wealth for all your investment needs.