A wide range of financial education workshops to choose from

As a sports athlete, a wealth manager can be on hand to help support you to make wise decisions… in order to positively impact both your here-and-now life, as well as your future wellbeing.

But what if you wanted to learn about certain areas of the financial markets yourself?

Here at Off Piste Wealth, we have one primary goal – to help empower and educate young athletes, so that they can genuinely get a handle on their finances and obtain financial independence as soon as possible.

As we all know, the sports world is full of stories of great men and women, whose standard of living took a nosedive due to certain unforeseen circumstances.

Instead, take better care of your future self by ensuring a level of financial protection should things not go quite according to plan, sooner rather than later.

Financial education can help support you on this journey, enabling you to make smart financial decisions early on.

Working closely with sporting organisations across the UK

At Off-Piste Wealth, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with some of the top sporting organisations in the UK so that we can support the athletes of the future. 

In addition, we also work closely with our clients’ own trusted advisors; this may include their sports agents, to help make better judgments as to the right steps to take. To learn more about how such collaborations can support you, get in touch today.

Workshop Brochures

These brochures provide an insight into the types of workshops we run.

We can either provide a series of ready-to-go programmes or a series of bespoke workshops based on the specific needs of the audience.

Of course each individual is different and so the topics will vary, which is why we are happy to tailor the program around the needs of each athlete.

Financial workshops for club owners
Workshops for Athletes