Collaborating closely with sporting organisations throughout the UK

At Off-Piste Wealth, we firmly embrace the power of collaboration. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the leading sporting organisations in the UK, aiming to provide support to the athletes of tomorrow.

Moreover, we foster close relationships with our clients’ trusted advisors, which may include their sports agents. This collaborative approach enables us to offer informed guidance and assist in making sound decisions. To discover how these partnerships can benefit you, reach out to us today.

A diverse array of financial education workshops to choose from

For athletes, having a wealth manager on hand can offer invaluable support in making prudent financial decisions, positively impacting both their present and future well-being.

But what if athletes wish to gain insights into specific areas of the financial landscape themselves?

At Off-Piste Wealth, our primary objective is to empower and educate young athletes, enabling them to take control of their finances and achieve financial independence at the earliest opportunity.

As we’re all aware, the sports industry is replete with tales of talented individuals whose lifestyles suffered setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances.

Instead, safeguard your future by establishing a level of financial security should circumstances veer off course, sooner rather than later.

Financial education plays a pivotal role in this journey, equipping athletes with the knowledge to make informed financial choices from the outset.

Workshop Brochures

These brochures provide an insight into the types of workshops we run.

We can either provide a series of ready-to-go programmes or a series of bespoke workshops based on the specific needs of the audience.

Of course each individual is different and so the topics will vary, which is why we are happy to tailor the program around the needs of each athlete.

Financial workshops for club owners
Workshops for Athletes

Testimonials from our sporting partners

Off-Piste continue to deliver insightful and engaging workshops for our Motorsport UK Academy drivers. David simplifies topics of personal finance and financial planning, making them fun and interactive for an audience of young athletes. He understands our drivers individual needs and provides bespoke advice for competitors at different phases of their careers.

Adam GouldAcademy Coach & Elite Sport Assessor, Motorsport UK

David and his team delivered a very informative football related workshop to young professionals who knew nothing about investing, finances, and mortgages. Their workshop was well tailored to the group, interactive and structured to educate the young pros about a range of topics that will not only be important for their futures but also their life now. I would highly recommend this to all clubs with young pros stating their careers and wanting to invest in their futures.

Marquel Ellis-BrooksLead Academy Player Care Officer, Reading FC

David provided a fascinating insight into the financial preparation and considerations that our Academy players will significantly benefit from in their futures.

Within the workshop, David navigated the topics of savings and investments, mortgages and future planning and protection. The group of aspiring professional players were engaged throughout while taking part in valuable discussions facilitated well by David.

We were grateful for the friendly and professional advice provided by David and Off-Piste Wealth.

Joe SuttonAcademy Operations Managed, Fulham FC

Off-Piste provide vital and insightful sessions for our Academy drivers. The needs of our drivers vary across our programmes; from those who compete at Junior level, to those who are competing on an international stage, and David is able to adapt his delivery and the session content depending on this.

He is helping to ensure that our young drivers have good financial habits from early on in their careers, a topic area that often goes overlooked but is so important. We’re looking forward to working with David more in the future!

Rebecca MaidmentCompetitor Development Coordinator, Motorsport UK

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