How grateful will your future self be for the choices you make now?

If you’re reading this, the chances are, you’re a young person who likes to stay in shape. The sort of person who — years from now — may well seem younger than you are. Why? Because you looked after yourself.

It’s great that you’re mindful of your health. Now imagine the impact it’d have on your life if you also took similar care of your wealth. With the right support, you can make sure you’re in great shape in that way too.

“To create the lives that we really want, there’s a literacy that we all need… and it’s not one that’s taught in our schools. Financial literacy is something I’m passionate about and that I look to give to every single one of my clients.”

(Learn more about our Founder, David, below.) So where are you destined? Off-Piste Wealth exists to educate and empower young people, especially sports people, through educational workshops and bespoke financial advice.

Is Off-Piste Wealth for you? Yes if…

You’re a young sports person wanting to really ‘get a handle’ on your finances, sooner rather than later… and so change where you’re heading.

You’re a young professional (in your 20s, 30s or 40s) who wants help achieving your life and financial goals without being bombarded with jargon.

You’re keen to support the (financial) wellbeing of a particular group of people perhaps as a solicitor, sports agent, CEO or head of a sports club.

The three hats we wear and why…

Life Planner

This is where we take stock of what’s important to you, what your goals are, and how you want to live your life. We also look closely at where you’re starting from – your priorities, challenges and aspirations.

Financial Planner

This is where we use Financial Forecasting to clarify your resources and draw up a map of your desired future. It’s also where we give you a plan of the steps needed to achieve your overall lifestyle.

Financial Adviser

This is where we identify and recommend the best mix of financial products – anything from an ISA or another investment, to a pension or some protection – to execute and realise your own Life Plan.

Always, our start point and priority is to ‘be real’ with you… to help you create a clear picture of your personal destination, and of how to navigate your way there. As well as a variety of free tools, blogs and resources, we offer educational workshops and bespoke 121 financial advice.

To get an idea of what our clients most appreciate about us, please see the testimonials below.

About our founder

From an early age, David’s life has included two passions: supporting people with their money… and winter sports. As well as snowboarding and playing ice-hockey at a semi-professional level, David is also passionate about heli-skiing. (Where, without a chairlift in sight, things are very much ‘off-piste’.)

There is a crossover between these two things. That same freedom that David feels, whether on ice or on the slopes, is also something he’s passionate about enabling all his clients to experience – by putting them in control of their finances, and therefore of their lives.

David and his team provide advice to individuals and small businesses in areas such as: Investment Planning — Helping to Minimise Tax — Protection. Such advice is always underpinned by prior Life Planning. Read David’s Blog.

“My aim is to help young people — and especially sports athletes — to map out a plan for their future, to create a better relationship with money… and ultimately to live a more abundant life.”

David Gregory, founder, Off-Piste Wealth


What our clients are saying

“I was impressed with how David linked everything to the bigger picture of my future business and personal aspirations. His advice has put me in a better position financially and I feel confident his continued expertise will be a huge benefit to me in the years to come.”
David Hudson

David took the time to explain all the different types of products available to me; allowing me to make a final informed decision on which avenue to take. I now now have a trusted Financial Advisor who I can refer to when needed.
Ezaz Butt

“Thanks to David’s work and financial recommendations, our family finally has true peace of mind, and that is priceless. He gained our trust 100% because he genuinely cares about our best outcomes.”
Carla Shohet

“I’d been meaning to do something with my pension for years, but it always seemed like such a hassle. David took care of it all for me and explained everything simply. I’m thrilled I now have my pension actually working for me.”
Claire Sewell