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Professional athletes face unique financial challenges not just to do with the sport they play. This may include managing significant income, planning for an early retirement and sustaining the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to.

One effective strategy for these athletes to build a sustainable income stream, is to consider is utilising Venture Capital Trusts (VCT’s).

VCTs provide a tax-efficient investment opportunity that can help athletes reduce their income tax liabilities while building funds for their future.

This article will explore the concept of VCTs, their benefits, and how professional athletes can leverage them to lower their income tax burden and secure their financial future.

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Understanding Venture Capital Trusts


1.1 Overview of Venture Capital Trusts:

Venture Capital Trusts are investment vehicles approved by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that invest in unlisted UK based companies and provide tax reliefs to investors who support these companies. VCTs are similar to investment trusts, but they focus on early-stage and high-growth potential companies.

1.2 Tax Relief Benefits for Venture Capital Trusts:

Investing in VCTs offers several tax relief benefits to individuals, including professional athletes:

  1. Income Tax Relief: Athletes can claim 30% income tax relief against their investment amount, provided they hold the investment for at least 5 years. You must have paid or owe as much tax during the tax year in which you invest.
  2. Capital Gains Tax Relief: VCT funds are free of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) should you wish to sell your shares and make a profit, just like an ISA.

Understanding Venture Capital Trusts

Benefits of Venture Capital Trusts for Professional Athletes


2.1 Lowering Income Tax Liability:

Professional athletes typically earn significant incomes, resulting in substantial income tax liabilities. By investing in VCTs, athletes can offset a portion of their taxable income and lower their overall tax burden.

The income tax relief available through VCTs allows athletes to retain more of their earnings while supporting innovative companies and potentially benefiting from their growth.

Once the athlete has invested, they will receive a 30% tax credit against their income tax bill. This happens via a change in the tax code once the certificate is processed by HMRC, thereby having an instant impact upon their overall wealth levels.

2.2 Long-Term Investment and Retirement Planning:

Retirement planning is crucial for professional athletes who may have shorter careers and unpredictable income streams.

Investing in VCTs enables athletes to build a diversified investment portfolio, potentially generating long-term returns. The tax advantages and potential capital appreciation of VCT investments can contribute significantly to athletes’ retirement funds, providing financial security after their sporting careers.

Dividends from VCTs are paid out completely tax free, so can help supplement income from other tax wrappers such as pension funds of ISA arrangements.

Long-Term Investment and Retirement Planning

Steps for Professional Athletes to Utilise VCT


3.1 Seek Professional Financial Advice:

Before considering VCT investments, professional athletes should consult with qualified financial advisors who specialise in sports finance. These experts can evaluate athletes’ unique financial circumstances and provide tailored advice on incorporating VCTs into their overall financial strategy.

3.2 Due Diligence on Potential Investments:

Athletes should conduct thorough due diligence on the companies in which they plan to invest through VCTs.

Although HMRC provides advance assurance letters for qualifying companies, it is essential to evaluate investment opportunities independently and consider potential risks.

3.3 Monitor and Review Investments:

Professional athletes should actively monitor and review their VCT investments. This involves staying updated on the performance of the invested companies, tracking any changes in the VCT regulations, and reassessing the investment portfolio regularly.

Regular portfolio reviews will help athletes make informed decisions and optimize their investments for long-term growth.

Monitor and Review Investments


Venture Capital Trusts offer professional athletes in the UK a unique opportunity to reduce their income tax liabilities while simultaneously building funds for retirement. By investing in qualifying companies through VCTs, athletes can benefit from income tax relief and potential capital gains tax relief.

However, it is crucial for athletes to seek professional financial advice, understand the eligibility criteria and investment limits, conduct due diligence on potential investments, and monitor their portfolio regularly.

By following these steps, professional athletes can leverage VCTs to optimize their income tax situation and secure their financial future.

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