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Financial Fitness

How Professional Athletes can leverage the 1% Rule

The Playbook for Financial Success: How Professional Athletes can Leverage the 1% Rule Introduction In the high-stakes world of professional sports, financial stability is a game-changer.For professional athletes, mastering the art of financial management is as crucial as perfecting their skills on the field. Enter the 1% rule, a strategy that's not just a financial compass but a playbook for…
David Gregory
December 1, 2023
Financial Fitness

Financial Planning for Academy Players: A Guide for Ages 16-18

Financial Planning for Academy Players: A Guide for Ages 16-18. Becoming an academy-level football player Being an academy player in any sport is a dream come true for many aspiring athletes. However, it's essential to recognise that a professional football career is often short-lived, and the financial stability of players largely depends on how they manage their earnings during the…
David Gregory
November 3, 2023
Client Stories

Why professional football players go bankrupt

Why professional football players go bankrupt. Sadly, this happens all too often as 40% of Former Professional Football Players go Bankrupt After Retirement.   Here Are the Personal Finance Lessons to Takeaway   ...This is a story of a professional football player named Jacob Smith. Jacob possessed immense skill and was highly regarded by his teammates and fans. He had…
David Gregory
July 7, 2023