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Sporting Stories

Financial difficulties after professional sport

The financial difficulties that professional athletes face after retiring from their chosen sports are unfortunately not uncommon.   Despite the perception of extravagant earnings during their playing careers, many athletes find themselves facing financial difficulties once their athletic careers come to an end. In this article, we explore a real-life story of a professional athlete who struggled financially after retiring…
David Gregory
August 9, 2023
Financial Fitness

Looking After the Health of Your Wealth

This article explores how athletes can look after the health of your wealth. It’s great that you’re mindful of your physical health. Now imagine the impact it’d have on your life if you also took similar care of your wealth. With the right support, you can make sure you’re in great shape in that way too. How to keep your…
David Gregory
August 1, 2023
Client Stories

Why professional football players go bankrupt

Sadly, this happens all too often as 40% of Former Professional Football Players go Bankrupt After Retirement.   Here Are the Personal Finance Lessons to Takeaway   ...This is a story of a professional football player named Jacob Smith. Jacob possessed immense skill and was highly regarded by his teammates and fans. He had a successful professional football career, playing…
David Gregory
July 7, 2023
Financial Fitness

Achieving Financial Independence for Sports Athletes: Insights from the FIRE Movement

Financial independence is a goal that many people aspire to achieve, including sports athletes. The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement offers strategies and principles that can be adapted by athletes to secure their financial future and potentially retire at a younger age. This article explores the key concepts of the FIRE movement, its applicability to sports athletes, and how…
David Gregory
July 4, 2023
Financial Fitness

Preparing for Early Retirement at Age 30: A Guide for Professional Athletes in the UK

Preparing for early retirement is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and financial security in the long run. Retirement at age 30 may seem unconventional, but for professional athletes, it is a reality they often face due to the physically demanding nature of their careers. Athletes can take specific steps to prepare for early retirement, including investing via regular contributions…
David Gregory
June 8, 2023